establishing a day for your Angel

  - A few families have dedicated a day to their angel and on that day, random acts of
  kindness are done in their honor. after Wrigley's 252nd day in Heaven, when the cubs
  won the 2016 world series, I've decided that November 2nd will be a day that we celebrate
   both the cubs' world series Win and Wrigley. 

  - Beckett's family actually creates an event on Facebook called "Be Kind for beckett".
  Then they invite their friends and encourage them to invite more friends. The event tells
  all about Isla's Twin, Beckett and then requests people to do a random act of kindness on
  that day and write a post on the event’s page. The end result is a detailed list of kind
   acts all done in their beckett's memory.

  - One family uses the date of their son’s birth  for a special day every single month.
   On the 21st of each  month, the parents do random acts of kindness and then pass out a
   little card to  those who benefited from their act.

   - If you would like us  to make cards for a day of kindness, all in honor of your angel,
​   please click here and tell us about your son or daughter. Please include information such 
  as name and date, plus any  colors, anaimals or symbols that you associate with your angel.