Handprint Artwork 

   On Pinterest, you can find  million ways to turn handprints into every animal. Whenever we trace  Liam’s handprint, we also include two
   smaller handprints for JJ and Wrigley.  Just the other night we made a “Wrigley-asaurus”.  just check out  Pinterest for all the ideas—
  there are  even ideas for the various seasons and  holidays!  On etsy, you can find quite a few vendors who can make a stamp of your baby's
   handprints. This way, you can use your Angel's actual print in the artwork.

Sticker Artwork 

   For Easter, we used stickers to make some holiday artwork that would also represent all four kids. We had a blast & were so pleased with the 
   final results -- I love that Liam stacked up his twin bunnies  so that Wrigley could be in Heaven. We plan on doing it for every holiday!!
    I've already picked up the cardstock and Stickers for Halloween, Thanksgiving  and Christmas.