Baby Outfits

​​  baptisims are performed quite frequently in the nicu. Always under emergency circumstances,
  Hopkins' staff  strives to make the baptism a special occasion.  in making the baptism  meaningful   
  and beautiful  for the family, Hopkins provides our donated gowns and cordinates many more details.

​  There is always a need for more gowns,
  especially for little boys;
 ​ therefore In recent weeks,
  Wrigley's Grandmom has
  made these gowns for the babies
  at johns hopkins nicu
  After losing Wrigley, we were thrown into the community of grieving parents. We have meet too many families
  who share our pain and suffered the unimaginable loss of a child… there just are not words for that pain.

   Very often these are the smallest of babies in the NICU, much too tiny for any traditional baby clothing. in the midst
  of such grief, a parent shouldn't have to pick out  something both special enough and small enough to lay their
  precious angel to rest in.

​  Therefore, we repurpose donated wedding gowns into perfectly made  garmets,
both special and small enough, for their sweet baby. 

Mrs. Martelli was kind enough to be the first to donate her wedding dress to Wrigley's Wish so that it could be repurposed into angel/baptismal outfits, buntings and blankets.