There are so many wonderful ways that grieving families truly celebrate their angel’s birthday.

        While milestones like this might cause sadness, you can and should still celebrate your angel’s birthday if you wish. It is an
  important day for your family, and as such should be recognized and celebrated.  You can still do a birthday cake (for twins, a 
  joint cake or two cakes, whichever feels most right for your family.)   You can still sing “Happy Birthday” to your angel (or both
  twins together, again depending on what feels right.) Saying your angel’s name is so freeing and healing, so don’t hold back!

  Here are some additional ideas  Beyond a Traditional Birthday Cake:

         -  Balloon release
         -  Lantern release

        -   Display pictures

       -  Pass out butterflies or seeds as guests leave

       -  Nicholas and Noah’s mom asked birthday guests to paint a rock and she placed the rocks around a special tree dedicated
            to her angel and noah's twin, Nicholas

       -  Some parents have asked guests to do an act of random kindness in honor of your baby

     Gifts:  You can accept gifts for your child but you may actually have to instruct your family about your wishes. The option to

     donate the gifts to a local hospital or homeless shelter is something that many families do. You can also run some sort of
     charitable service in place of gifts, to honor your child.  As for Liam’s birthday, JJ and Wrigley will always give him two
     presents. This is a concrete reminder of the complete family for Liam when he receives a gift from both of his little brothers.
​     For example. This year, Liam was given a transformer action figure from Wrigley and a different transformer action figure
      from JJ. Likewise, liam included both of our twins on his homemade birthday card for them.