Color Coding 

  - We have "color-coded"  all of our kids: Liam - Royal Blue, JJ - Lime Green,   Wrigley - turquoise  
  and Addison - Hot pink.  I chose a shade of blue for Wrigley to give  Liam something specifically 
  to share with Wrigley, since the twins will have so many  commonalities already. 

  - When we color pictures, I draw hearts or flowers for each kid in their color. at school,  Liam
  decorated a gingerbread man in his art class. He was so excited to show me that he used “Wrigley’s
  color” as part of his artwork. This warmed my heart, because it shows that the colors we assigned
  to our kids have truly become part of our lives.

  -we have  purchased race cars, dragons, and other toys in each of my kids'colors.  
​   Each color-coded toy fosters a conversation; for example,  Liam gets to say this is my car,
  this is  JJ’s car and this is Wrigley’s car. It has become such a natural way to include wrigley.