Making Connections 

   Right after Wrigley passed away, Liam started asking people if their brother lived in Heaven. Clearly, Liam was trying
  to connect.  we are close to a family who lost their first born son unexpectedly. Liam knows this family  really well so
   I told Liam that their big brother lives in heaven with Wrigley.    
    They lost their son 19 years ago, and currently have a 17 year daughter who
  I absolutely adore. This   sweet young lady agreed to  “hang out” with Liam.
​  She brought a picture of her big brother and Liam had his picture of   Wrigley.
​   The two of them spent some time talking about their brothers in Heaven.
​  They also blew bubbles up to Heaven.    Hands down, this was best thing
​  we did for Liam and I can’t thank this family enough. It was like “play therapy”
​  for   Liam, providing him with so much  reassurance that everything is
​  still okay even though one of his baby brothers lives in   Heaven. 
  This visit served to “normalize” our situation for Liam. 


Since losing Wrigley, I have met many other grieving mothers    
with one twin in their arms  &the other twin in their heart.    
After chatting on Facebook for over a year, we recently met up​  
for the very first time. It was an emotional weekend full of    
laughter and tears. It was so special to see our twinless twins    
interact with each other. we look forward to making this  an    
annual trip  so that our twinless twins can grow up with the   
support of each other as they celebrate their twins in heaven.