Donate Hats

If you knit and/or crochet baby hats, we would greatly appreicate if you could
share your talent with the babies at Hopkins by donating a few hats to Wrigley's Wish. The hats are placed in our Christmas and Spring NICU Bags.

We are currently looking for Christmas / Winter themed hats
such as hats made with red, green, & white yarns. 
Please mail your hats by December 1st to:

Wrigley's Wish
8809 Battery Road
Alexandria VA 22308

After we deliver the  Christmas / Winter  themed hats to Hopkins' NICU
in early December of 2018,  we will be accepting hats of all colors &  designs

we greatly appreciate your talents & time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hats:

Is there a specific pattern that I should use​?

hats of all patterns are so greatly appreciated.
We have already donated  many fun  colors & designs
that surly look adorable on the babies in Hopkins' NICU.

What size would you like the hats to be​?

Hopkins serves babies of all sizes so we love hats that are small enough to fit
micro-preemies (1-3lbs) as well hats for preemies (4-6lbs) and newborns (6-9lbs)

If you have any additional questions, please email us
and we will happily answer within 24 hours.