Memorial Gardens

  Many families create a garden to honor their angel. This can be a really healing experience, since it brings the family together to
  work on a concrete task. While most gardens are located in the family’s backyard, you can also consider other spaces like a local
  park, natural space or even the cemetery. One family created a beautiful spot at their neighborhood’s lake with a bench, tree, and
  flowers with a plaque honoring their first born son.
  For our Family, we built a Butterfly Garden honoring Wrigley, but also all of the other children buried there.
This past summer, we
  reached out to our cemetery’s board of directors and gave a presentation that focused on the positive impact this garden would have
  for the community .  If the idea of a memorial garden at your local cemetery is something you would be interested in, please email us 
  I will send you the entire PowerPoint that we created to present this idea to the  staff. The presentation goes through the project step
  by step, making it easy for the staff to eagerly grant you permission.
  Our TimeLine for our Butterfly Garden: 

   First, I researched which butterfly plants were native to our area. We really wanted the butterflies to frequent the garden, so doing
​  that research in advance will help make our garden successful. We also reached out to local vendors requesting donations of top
  soil, mulch, and some plants so that we could get started on our garden right away. Many vendors were more than happy to help, and
  it lifted our hearts to see so many people supporting our mission to build this garden for our angel.  

  After this, our family spent our Saturday mornings clearing the spot for the garden. Hands down, this was my favorite part of
  creating this garden. We went as a whole family, and made it an event. We would get a dozen donuts and call our new Saturday
  tradition “Donuts and Digging.” As a family, we would go together, and I would lay JJ down on a blanket,  as Liam and Chad would
  get straight to work digging up the old plants. Liam had a blast helping in what he called “Wrigley’s Garden” – he was able to
  participate in a meaningful way by gathering rocks, bagging up old plants and really getting his hands dirty! As their mom, it
  melted my heart to see Liam so excited to go work on the garden week after week, and to be able to spend this time together as a family
  honoring our Wrigley. 

  Once the space was cleared, we began planting! Again, this was a family event that we all enjoyed. While Chad did most of the

  digging, Liam was still very involved and would help Chad cover the roots with topsoil. We have really loved our quality family
  time creating something for Wrigley and so many other babies. It is so nice to see something tangible coming together from all the
  love we have poured into this garden!  Just recently, we covered the plants with mulch to protect from them the winter frost. 
  Lastly, we grabbed six cans of exterior paint and painted about 15 large rocks that serve
as the perimeter of the garden. Painting the
  stones was a very kid-friendly activity that Liam loved doing. You  can also do this with smaller rocks to add a perimeter to a
​  memorial garden in your back yard. 

Our “Labor of Love” was blooming in Spring of 2017