If you are like us, Holidays are really important. After losing Wrigley, we had to truly examine our traditions and
  figure   out some new traditions that worked better for our family of six.  Each family has its own traditions and important
  holidays, so adjust however you need to make your family feel whole as you celebrate these important days!  It would break
  my  heart to exclude Wrigley from holiday traditions as he is still my son and I want to include him one these special days. 
  For Christmas...

  - we will hang a stocking for him, buy him a personalized ornament every year, and include his name on our
​     personalized Christmas decorations.
​  -  Wrigley’s Dragon will be present on both Christmas Eve, when we put out the milk and cookies for Santa and Christmas
     Morning as we open gifts. 
​  -  Similar to birthdays, we are planning to accept “age appropriate gifts,” that we can donate to John Hopkins University
      Hospital, where the twins were born. Hopkins was so wonderful to our family, so donating the gifts in Wrigley’s name will
     be our way of  lifting the spirits of those who have to spend the holidays there. Another option would be to donate the gifts
     to a homeless shelter or Toys for Tots, like Isaac's mother did last year. 
​ -  Many families include an “Angel Tree” which is a small, table top tree that is decorated with ornaments that honor
   their  angel. Soren Myles' Mom decorates a smalltree in a manner which celebrates the twinship between Soren  Myles and
    his surviving twin, Jasper
For Easter...

  - we will fill up a basket for Wrigley, too. This year it matched JJ's perfectly and of course Liam enjoyed eating all of
     Wrigley's candy -- that is one of "his duties" as Wrigley's big bro
  -  Our family always writes our names on some of the Easter Eggs we dye and decorate, so we will write Wrigley’s name on
      a few eggs.
  - On the Eve of Easter, I snuck out late at night to place a few balloons and small trinkets at Wrigley's grave. The next
     morning, we went to the cemetery and Liam thought it was so cool that the easter bunny even stopped by Wrigley's grave.

For the Fourth of July...

  -  Since losing wrigley, This holiday has a new meaning for us so we try to make it extra special.​​  Given that  Wrigley
       gets a front row seat to the fireworks, all the way up in heaven, this must  be "Wrigley's Favorite Holiday" 
​  - This past year, we did crafts leading up to the 4th. Then on the actual day, we lit sparklers at Wrigley's grave, followed
      by attending our pool's party and then hosting a community event full of hot dogs, cake and fireworks!! 

For Valentine's day...
  -  Liam made valentines for all six of us.
​  -  I decorate all of the bedroom doors with hearts. On each heart, I write down something that I love about the person. On the 
 ​​     door to the twins' nursery, I include a few hearts noting what I love about Wrigley, like his fiestiness.