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In the weeks following Wrigley’s death, I was haunted by one question: “How do I raise one twin?” Thankfully, our  
  favorite NICU nurse, Karen, answered my question perfectly when she told us,  “You raise them both: Just one in Heaven and
  one here with you”.  Karen’s response reassured my grieving heart that I still have three boys to raise,  but our family looks
  a little different than we had imagined. 
        As time passed, I developed an unwavering passion to foster a strong sibling bond between my six year old son, Liam,

and our identical twin boys, JJ and Wrigley.  In this community of pregnancy and infant loss, there are so many great ideas
  for weaving our angel into our family. After spending time finding ideas in a variety of places, I discovered that what we
  were missing was a compilation of all of those ideas so that families could access them easily, without having to search
  endlessly.  My hope is that as families navigate their loss, they can use some of these ideas to honor their angel in a way
  that feels right to them. Perhaps these ideas may even inspire new ideas. 
       Of course, as grieving parents, all of these ideas pale in comparison to our deepest desire:  We just want our baby back.   

  There are times when I am so angry that this is “all” that I get of my son, Wrigley. However, it is so important to me that
  Wrigley’s brothers know him, honor him, and love him as their brother so over time, I learned to embrace these ideas as a
  means to raise our family in a unique way.
    The following links outline tips and ideas that I have gathered along the way from other grieving mothers who share

  both our pain and desire to honor all of our children.Simply click on the turqoise hearts to learn more about each idea. 
  I sincerely hope that these ideas can be of some service to you in the midst of your pain, and help you to raise and honor
  your complete family in a meaningful way.  

Tips and Advice Gathered Along the Way

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