NICU Goodie Bags

Nicu goodie bags in the Spring

JJ spent 76 days in the nicu, finally coming home in the spring. ​
to celebrate that milestone,   we drop off little goodie bags for families in the NICU to remind them
that so many are cheering on their little fighter(s) during their nicu stay.
in general, our nicu goodie bags contain homemade hats, nicu shirts, baby blankets, and books. 

Nicu goodie bags for Christmas

being in the nicu is challenging. we are creating Christmas/winter themed nicu bags
to support the families and little ones during the christmas season. 
we plan to include handmade hats, nicu shirts, baby blankets, and books.

Thank You to twenty-five and four for donating Nicu shirts for our goodie bags

Thank you Birdie Knits , Cozy Creations by Kayla ,
and so many others for donating handmade hats for our goodie bags.