Ideas for Family Beach Trips 

   - This year before going to the beach, we let Liam pick out a kite that he thought Wrigley would love.

  Then, we headed down to the shore so that Liam could fly it “for” Wrigley. Given that Wrigley lives in
  Heaven, we told Liam that Wrigley would be able to see the kite flying all around and love it. Our family
  focuses a lot on the sky, so this tradition works well for us. 

  - Every year, Liam and I have collected shells. This past year, I decorated a container for Wrigley and, in
  addition to his own shell collection, Liam also picked out shells for Wrigley’s collection. This turned an
  already established tradition into something that included Wrigley as well. Liam loves collecting shells,
  so it makes sense that he would love to collect more for his brother in heaven. It was a simple change to
  something we had already done! 

  - A dear friend gave me the idea to do the “Story of My Brother” just as you would a “Message in a Bottle.”
  I helped Liam write a brief story about his little brother. Then, Liam and Chad rolled it up and placed it into
  a bottle and buried it in the sand. This was Liam’s favorite way to include Wrigley on the beach trip, because
  it felt like he was burying a treasure and he was excited to share the story of Wrigley with whoever found
  the treasure. He was very happy to know that he was spreading the story and making sure people know about
  Wrigley and Heaven.