Recommended Vendors

     Here are a few vendors that I, and many other grieving mothers, have found helpful.
                 these vendors are amazing to work with as they  are very sensitive to the situation and their work is of the highest quality. 

  Bloom and Grow design : this etsy store offers wooden jewelry, ornaments, and memorial boxes that are  handcrafted with love, passion
    and kindness. As a mother of three , including her angel Nicholas, kathleen aims to spread awareness and compassion for prematurity
    and infant loss through her touching woodwork. All Bloom and Grow designs represent peace and serenity as well as honor my son and
    all families overcoming infant loss and prematurity.
By Nichole :  this etsy store offers a variety of Stuffed Animals. this is where we bought Wrigley's dragon and we love that if anything
    happens to it, we can buy a new dragon to replace the old one. This allows us to take Wrigley's Dragon everywhere with us without
    worrying about getting it dirty or losing it.  in addition to tons of fabric options, nichole also  offers embriodery on all of her work. 
    Cai’s Corner Art : alison makes beautiful Digital Memorial Artwork that includes a quote and is personalized with your angel’s name.
    in addition to her website, She also runs a facebook page under this title that offers new prints frequently.

    Craftsbycathe : This etsy story offers wooden decorative stakes for mulitple occassions. Cathe's cheerful stakes enable us to  decoate
     Wrigley's grave for every holiday, season and even the twin's birthdays. in a very kid-friendly way. Her work is of top notch quaility
     and looks amazing. Cathe is always so attentive to detail, adding a ribbon to the pumpkins that incorporate our kids' colors. Her
     decorations mean so much to us and we love adding them to Wrigley's grave. 

​    For a moment Portraits:   Kristen creates portraits for families experiencing the loss of a baby through miscarriage, illness, or trauma.
   Through photos as well as instincts and memories from loved ones, these images are created. We've ordered two portraists from her and  

    absolutely love the final product. You can click on the link to view her  portrait gallery and see examples of her style. 

     Hair Sweets:   This esty store sells personalized crosses for your home. jennifer offers a variety of designs and then personalizes them.
    while the crosses are intended for your home, we place them at wrigley's grave and they last for 6-8 weeks. jennifer has even made us
    christmas and  baseball-themed crosses, which we absolutely love. 
   Kate's Vinyl Crafts: Kate makes a wide variety of items for grieving families. We have purchased tee shirts,  plagues, and candles from
    her and have been extremely pleased with each order. She is wonderful to work with for custom orders. 

​    Twenty five and four: This non-profit strives to make quality shirts for the tiniest of babies. Amanda, the founder and A former nicu 
    mom, wants  parents of these micro-miracles to be able to experience the joy of being able to put a shirt on your baby! These shirts are
     provided free of charge to nicy familes. amanda kindly donateds over 100 shirts to our nicu goodie bags for the babies at Hopkins. 

     blossom Stamps:  This etsy store offers Stamps of your angel’s footprints and handprints.
     Perfect Little Prints &  Pitter Patter Prints:   These ETSY stores will incorporate your angel’s hand or footprints into artwork. 
     They can even do it with all of your children’s prints, so this is a creative way to visually represent all of your children together.

    Pinwheel Canvas Art: this etsy store has tons of Wonderful wall art for kids' bedrooms or playroom. This store is beyond wonderful for
    costume orders. The artist already offered a picture of a dragon sitting on a cloud in the sky;  I reached out to the artist and explained
    our twins and then requested a picture of a dragon playing on the beach. Also, I asked if she could do a family of five dragons playing
    baseball and she did all of this for us.